Lobster Potlucks let your guests "Chip-In" a share ...

Because, hosting a fabulous lobster party for all your fabulous friends might get a little pricey.

Lobster Potlucks let guests “Chip-In" ... IN ADVANCE

So now, it is possible to organize a fabulous lobster party -- of any size -- without anyone paying for it all up-front, and out-of-pocket.

Take a Test Drive

Write up a Lobster Potluck Invitation.
Include all the details you’d want to share with friends. Would it inspire them all to RSVP AND “Chip-In” a share? Ultimately, would your Potluck Party be a big hit?
YES! YES! ... Have fun.

Eat lobster. Wear bibs. Share stories.


Andrew Rock, Founder and CEO

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